About Us

CEMAS is an independent, privately-owned, contract research organisation that provides support to the agrochemical, pharmaceutical, veterinary medicine and biocide industries.

Founded more than 30 years ago, CEMAS has grown to include a wide range of services, whilst retaining the keen focus on quality and delivery.

Our Workforce

Our most important asset is our workforce and individuals are selected for their scientific knowledge and expertise, their practical skills, their professionalism and their ability to interface effectively with clients. Many study directors and senior analysts have more than 25 years of experience and, in 2014, we moved to our brand new purpose-built laboratories in Wokingham.

Quality Assurance

CEMAS operates as a quality-assured company in the independent investigative research and product development business in Agrochemical, Biocide Residues and Products, Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary Medicines, Bioanalysis, Formulation Development support and Method Development through timely delivery of superior and reliable quality data, information, procedures and knowledge products for competitive portfolios.


Our Services

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Further Information

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