Agrochemical Residues

CEMAS has more than 30 years of experience of conducting GLP residue studies, with a number of highly-experienced study directors and lab staff.

Full (multi-site) crop residue study management, including:

  • Decline trials
  • At-harvest trials
  • Processing trials
  • Crop rotation studies

Environmental studies, including:

  • Soil dissipation
  • Soil accumulation
  • Environmental studies
  • Freezer storage stability studies
  • Method validation, including ILV studies
  • Extraction efficiency (cold)

Analytical support, including:

  • Pollinator studies
  • Ecotox analytical support
  • OECD 505 residue feeding studies
  • Dedicated analytical method development team
  • Operator exposure, worker re-entry, DFR and bystander studies
  • Full GLP compliance


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Further Information

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